Vision of ConsciousLiving Foundation is to empower people to live a life of purpose and presence, thus supporting humanity's enlightenment.


Mission of ConsciousLiving Foundation is to be a leading platform to help create heart-centred communities, motivated by helping people locally and worldwide to live a life of self-determination, contribution, creativity, sustainability and fulfilment.


The vision and mission of ConsciousLiving Foundation is guided by the following fundamental values:


Throughout history, human beings have grown in an ever-expanding capacity to understand new perspectives and experiences. This process is still ongoing, every moment, for every human being. We learn by being open to learn and accept a variety of perspectives and experiences. Our commitment to total freedom considers openness to be essential to the understanding that enables total freedom.


Whether we reflect on what we learn, how we interpret our lives, or the meaning we make of our experiences, self-awareness is key to true learning, love and authenticity. Self-awareness is a natural and inevitable benefit of living a conscious and awakened life.


Human experience is intrinsically drawn to love - whether love of self, love of others, love of things, etc. - love is a primary motivator of the human spirit. Love guides our service and helps motivate our learning and self-awareness. 


We intent to speak and listen to the truth and live authentically in every moment and want to encourage people to operate from truth and authenticity. We promote self-realisation which enables the freedom to live authentically.


The integral stage of human development is marked by a compelling motivation to serve others. Principal Custodians of ConsciousLiving Foundation want to help people grow into greater freedom, love and connection. We want to have a lot of fun and laugh a lot. We want to help people see amazing opportunities in difficult challenges confronting the human species.


The practice of generosity gives us the opportunity to express our gratitude, to develop qualities of loving kindness and compassion, to experience the joy of contributing, and to cultivate non-attachment and greater awareness.


ConsciousLiving Foundation supports individuals and groups with their health challenges, personal and spiritual development. Services are offered that we may live totally free in our immense diversity while fully embracing the richness of the human experience in ourselves and others.

The purpose of ConsciousLiving Foundation is indivisible from living, sharing and expanding teachings and experiences about what it means to live consciously to further benefit whomsoever wishes to make use of what is offered.

ConsciousLiving Foundation is promoting models for conscious living for the benefit and well-being of humanity.

Principal Custodians of ConsciousLiving Foundation are primarily guides and companions for transformational processes.

Imbursement and Contributions

All services provided are for and on behalf of ConsciousLiving Foundation. Imbursement for services through contributions are made to ConsciousLiving Foundation. Contact Rolf for payment details.

Principal Custodians Rolf: Krahnert and Christa: Krahnert. All Rights Reserved

ConsciousLiving Foundation, a not-for-profit, humanitarian, non-government organisation.