Self Recognition

Closing the gap between who you think you are and who you really are and providing simple tools for being yourself and eliminating resistance in your life.

Do you Feel Stressed? Are you feeling pressure and experiencing resistance in your life?

Do you often struggle to make the right decisions?

Do Experience Challenges? Do you know who you are, how you function and why you are here?

Are you conforming and fitting into life, instead of enjoying and embracing the real you?

Is your Energy Flow Blocked? Are you mostly feeling vulnerable to being influenced by what others say, think or feel? Are you tapping into your natural talents?

Discover your specific Type and Strategy

Liberate your inner authority and clear decision making

Release your natural energy flow and specialisations

I mentor you on a powerful inner journey that will bring transformation and renewal to your life. It is easy for anyone to engage in, no matter how busy your life may be.

Get a deeper understanding of yourself and how you function in the world, your personal map is providing you with strategies to help you live life without resistance

Learn to live without struggle with making clear and reliable decision. Learn about your inner authority and how to use it to make decisions.

Find out where you are most vulnerable to being influenced by what others say, think or feel and how to sidestep that influence. Learn to understanding your emotions and how they specifically work in you.

ConsciousLiving Program

Includes 5 x 30 Minutes Online Coaching Sessions (Skype/Zoom), Worksheets and Report.

If you want to transcend yourself, develop empathy

and compassion for all and live your true hearts

mission, I’d love to connect.


Individual Coaching and Mentoring Sessions

Contact Rolf to get your FREE Human Design Report

Includes Your Personal Profile + Introduction to Human Design,

all it needs is your time, date and town of birth.

(your data is not shared with anyone)

Based on the ‘Human Design System’ by Ra Uru Hu.

Services provided are for and on behalf of ConsciousLiving Foundation, it is private information for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal, medical or financial advice from anyone involved.

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Eliminating Stress