Self Determination

Growing into a Conscious, Sovereign and Spiritual Being!

Your Path towards Progression and Growth, providing you with Transition Tools to Be the Change you Want to See in the World.

WHO ARE YOU, REALLY? Do you believe you are a person? Are you defining yourself with the work you do, your family status, your achievements and possessions?

Do you question the meaning of your life? Life is so precious and beautiful, and instead of making the most out of it, you choose to waste it just because you have apparently been programmed to fit into a system.

Do you feel your creativity is blocked? Are you open to gather the courage to transform how you think, feel and act? Do you have the courage to turn your life around?


Deprogramming Yourself

Unleashing your Creativity  

I mentor you on a powerful journey that will bring self determination and new values to your life. It is easy for anyone to engage in, no matter how busy your life may be.

Together we explore the means to achieve an extraordinary level of success and we are offering assistance based on our own experiences. We help you to take positive steps to shape your new vision and values and take your future into your own hands.

We elevate you to total coherence between your real self, your thoughts and your actions. When there is total alignment, you are being the most powerful version of yourself, you give your greatest gifts and you receive your highest rewards.

More power means more impact, more contribution, more love, more health, more success, more of everything that is true, good and beautiful.

ConsciousLiving Program

Includes 5 x 30 Minutes Online Coaching Sessions (Skype/Zoom), Worksheets and Report.

If you want to transcend yourself, develop empathy

and compassion for all and live your true hearts mission,

I’d love to connect.


Individual Coaching and Mentoring Sessions

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Leaving the Matrix - 10 Ways to Deprogram Yourself

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