My Work


Our vision is to empower people to live a life of purpose and presence, thus supporting

humanity's enlightenment. Rolf is primary custodian of ConsciousLiving Foundation.


Our mission is to be a leading platform to help create heart centred communities, helping people

locally and worldwide to live a life of self determination, contribution, creativity, sustainability and fulfilment.


Your life, everything you create and experience, unfolds from the dance between your sense of self and your world. The more ‘aligned’ you are between who you think you are and who you actually are, the more power you have in making choices that are in alignment with your authentic nature.

Empowering people to live a fulfilling life in their unique way.

The more self-aware you are, the greater your creations as a reflection of your inherent capacities. We support you on awakening your innate wisdom and talents.


The medical system is broken and the incentives are not aligned with the real goal of keeping people healthy. We want our families and communities live healthier and happier lives.

Vitality and health comes from healthy lifestyle choices.

Symptoms are signals and signs of an adaption continuum. Imagine all the latest science and specific processes explained to you in easy understandable terms!


Healthy communities are promoting awareness, responsibility, co-operation, empathy, autonomy and clarity when dealing with people and nature.

Supporting people toward a path of progression and growth.  

Connect with others looking to drive positive change and becoming be the best version of their selves. OUR MISSION is to BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.

Together we explore the means to achieve an extraordinary level of success and we are offering assistance based on our own experiences.



✓ One 20 Minutes Coaching Session per month and e-Mail follow up

✓ Private Facebook Group for Support

✓ Access to Weekly Webinar

✓ Monthly ConsciousLiving Report

✓ Monthly Newsletter

✓ Discounts for Live Workshops

What clients are saying:

Hi Rolf. Really appreciated the opportunity to attend last weekend's seminar and thanks for taking the time to train us. J.R. Melbourne

Hi Rolf. Thanks for the Shadow Talk Workshop yesterday, it was Excellent. K.M. Gold Coast

Good morning Christa and Rolf. We count ourselves so fortunate to have met you both and to have received the knowledge and love you have bestowed upon us. Thank you and much love to you both K.B. Beenleigh

Hi Rolf, my first night (meeting) was more than I anticipated. The members were friendly and warm. The open discussion in the group was interesting and informative which made for a positive experience. N.C. Brisbane

Services provided are for and on behalf of ConsciousLiving Foundation, it is private information for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal, medical or financial advice from anyone involved.

Rolf Krahnert