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Self Healing. Resolving Conflicts and Upsets

To resolve conflicts and upsets you must become aware of the beliefs and emotions that seem to run your life, and then question their validity. When you start to see that your beliefs about yourself are not the absolute truth, you begin to experience increasing joy, a sense of freedom and health.

Self Illumination. Releasing your Genius

The path of activating your genius enlightens you about your true role in life. It reveals and unlocks your genius and brings you into a state of harmony with every aspect of your life. We’re identifying your individual challenges and how they play out in your life. Become more oriented towards serving others and honouring yourself, rather than protecting and defending yourself, share your gifts with others and feel a sense of belonging in the world.

Self Recognition. Closing the Gap Between Who You Think You Are and Who You Really Are

I’m providing you with a concrete map of your own nature that gives you simple tools for being yourself and eliminating resistance in your life. Get a deeper understanding of yourself and how you function in the world and how you can live without resistance. Learn to live without struggle with making clear and reliable decision. Learn about your inner authority and how to use it to make decisions.

Self Awareness. Learning to choose Peace over Conflict

Supporting you to shift from a life of fear and uncertainty to one of love and understanding.I remind you, that INNER PEACE is the NATURAL STATE OF BEING, it is the result of being totally aware of a timeless presence that is at the core of your being.  

Self Care. Bringing Health and Renewal to your Life

I empower you to achieve optimum health with a revolutionary new healing paradigm. I help you navigate through health problems within an entirely new frame of reference, one that allows you to understand and address the root causes of disease and ill health rather than just managing symptoms.

Self Determination. Growing into a Conscious, Sovereign and Spiritual Being

Together we’re bringing self determination and new values to your life, achieving an extraordinary level of authenticity and success. We elevate you to total coherence between your real self, your thoughts and your actions. When there is total alignment, you are being the most powerful version of yourself, you give your greatest gifts and you receive your highest rewards. More power means more impact, more contribution, more love, more health, more success, more of everything that is true, good and beautiful.

ConsciousLiving Program

Includes 5 x 30 Minutes Online Coaching Sessions (Skype/Zoom), Worksheets and Report.

If you want to transcend yourself, develop health,

empathy and compassion for all and live your true

hearts mission, I’d love to connect.


Individual Coaching and Mentoring Sessions

What clients are saying

Dear Rolf, I want to thank you for an amazing course, it was very exciting. I will be patient and trust in the process as to when I can continue the course and enjoy your company again. Take care, Love Ros. Melbourne

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