'Hi, it's Rolf here. As a ConsciousLiving Mentor and Coach I help people to live a life of purpose and presence. I’m passionate about supporting humanity’s awakening.

I see myself primarily as guide and companion for transformational processes. I am following my inner calling, which is to encourage, empower people to liberate themselves from personal and health challenges and from restrictive conditionings that seem to rule their lives and relationships.

I was born 1958 in Germany, and after I finished school I joined the Police Force in 1975 for eight years, and afterwards I completed training as a fully qualified Physiotherapist. As a Physiotherapist I specialised in Fitness and worked as Personal Trainer in Germany. When I moved to Australia in 1993 I offered here my services as Personal Trainer and Holistic Bodyworker. In 2001 I became also an accredited Counsellor. I have experience in telephone counselling with Lifeline Australia as well as face-to-face counselling in private practice. Over the years I have facilitated Meditation and Spiritual groups, courses about Conflict Resolution, Anger- and Stress Management and Shadow Work.

Self-inquiry, meditation, deep transpersonal and spiritual experiences, including Dark Night of the Soul experiences as well as Peak Experiences, are part of my personal journey. Since 1995 I am inspired by non-dualistic paths like A Course in Miracles, Ken Wilber’s Integral Spirituality, Integral Human Design System, Richard Rudd’s Gene Keys, the teachings from Eckart Tolle and Rupert Spira.'

Further research and his own personal experiences have enabled him to guide people not only in the area of holistic health but also in areas of mental-emotional health and integral spirituality and how this is reflected in their lives and health.

Rolf has supported individuals, couples and groups with their health challenges, personal and spiritual development for more than 30 years. He has helped people to find greater peace and fulfilment and has facilitated regular workshops, seminars and training courses throughout Europe and Australia.’

Rolf is Founder and Trainer together with his wife Christa Krahnert for Bio-Psycho-Social and Spiritual Health - BIPSS™, conducting trainings courses for BIPSS™ Consultants in Germany since 2006.

Rolf has been coaching and mentoring people internationally since 1995 and is known for his depth, presence, clarity and capacity to guide people into direct experience of their true nature.