Your Enslavement

5 Ways to Liberate Yourself 

Do you have a job, put food on the table, pay your bills? Do you own a house and a car, or even several houses and cars?

Do you still feel unhappy? Do you feel trapped by invisible chains that tell you what to think and what to do?

Do you feel deprived of your dreams that once made your heart sing? Are you constantly reminded of how incomplete and inadequate you are?

Were you meant to be the artist, inspiring the world but you work as a sales person because you’ve been taught to make a living?

Were you meant to be the writer whose words can touch and inspire people, but you work in an office behind a computer screen because you’ve been taught to get an education and to get a job?

Welcome to modern-day slavery! It is deeply rooted in a sense of separation, lack and low self-worth!

Do you want to liberate yourself from your enslavement?

Do you want to be free? Here are 5 Ways to Liberate Yourself:

1. Find Out What You Are Seeking

If the life you’re living isn’t fulfilling you, you need know what you are seeking.

You are most likely falling into an endless search for what’s missing  outside of yourself through either money, relationships and/or substances. You generally believe that acquiring more things or recognition will bring you happiness, or some kind of spiritual practices will promise you answers and inner peace.

It doesn’t matter what you desire, either joy, inner peace, social recognition, a cure, or something else; at the core, what you are actually seeking is freedom.

Freedom means to own your gifts and talents, and to express your uniqueness in an authentic way. Freedom means to create whatever your heart desires and to design a life that honours your heart’s choices.

2.  Claim Your Freedom

Your core transformation begins with claiming your freedom.

Freedom isn’t something that can be bought, bargained for or even acquired, because freedom is your ultimate condition. You are born a sovereign being with inherent and absolute freedom! Nobody and nothing can ever take that away from you, not even at the moment of your physical death.

Your true essence is eternal, unlimited consciousness and the only thing unlimited consciousness knows is love, limitless creation and unhindered expansion.

It is this aspect of your being what causes frustration whenever you allow external circumstances to make you feel limited and trapped. 

When your True Self wants to express itself as a conscious creator but you are working at the office nine hours a day slaving for some share holder profits, there is an energetic gap between who you believe you are, and Who You Truly Are! That energetic gap gives you a kick in the gut, hence the feeling of deep seated frustration to alert you to follow your heart’s calling.

No one is like you and that is your power, you were born to shine, in your unique way. You are here to claim your absolute freedom and until you can own your freedom absolutely without giving into external circumstances and authorities, you will always be bargaining for your freedom reducing your inherent worth. 

3. Release Conditions

We are living in world where we are brainwashed to attach a condition to everything. We get easily sucked into the mental trap of ... I’’m in debt, how can I be free’... or ... I’ can only feel at peace when I’ ..... insert whatever conditions you believe you have.

If your ultimate freedom depends on the money in your bank account, the love from another, or social recognition, watch what happens once these conditions are removed!

When you believe a condition must be met in order for you to experience freedom, you are actually jeopardising your own creative power and you’re closing doors to other possibilities that can open ways towards your freedom.

Real freedom is unconditional! You cannot place terms and conditions of any kind around it. The moment you do, you are unconsciously blocking it, and you will continue to search for it outside of yourself.

4. Consciously Embrace Your Desires 

I’m not encouraging that you let go of all your earthly desires. I don’t promote unconscious self-deprivation in the name of empowerment or awakening. What I do teach is the importance of living consciously and embracing your dreams and desires without giving your power away and blindly following dogma.

While retreating from the world can be a beautiful path for some, creating and enjoying this game of life can be a beautiful path for others. Both are empowering if chosen consciously and with love. There is no right or wrong. The path that is most aligned with your life’s work and purpose, is the right path for you. 

To mindlessly renouncing your desires for the sake of following someone’s teaching is just another form of mental enslavement that often leads to more resentment, powerlessness and frustration.

This is the reason why many spiritual seekers remain in lack while equating conscious desires to unconscious materialism, but secretly wishing for more abundance with inner conflict. In order to claim your ultimate freedom, you must walk the path that feels right to you. You need to shine your own light rather than allowing others to tell you how to shine.

I believe there is nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with beauty, abundance and joys in a way that feels right to you, that honours you, others and the planet!

Once you embody your unconditional freedom and worth, and you have released your conditions, your desires in life are no longer bound by programmed beliefs, or the need for approval and acceptance

Therefore you may still feel called to create conscious success or sustainable community projects, but these desires express a totally different frequency than any ego driven desires.

By releasing desires that were generated by feelings of separation, lack or inadequacy, you are finally freeing up energies to express whatever infinite consciousness wants you to Be and Do. This is absolutely liberating!

5. Shift Your Perception 

Stay centred in your freedom! Exercise the power of your awareness! Be aware of your thoughts and feelings and choose a different perspective whenever you find yourself to be the victim of your circumstances.

Remind yourself when you’re drawn to identifying yourself with limiting thoughts that those thoughts are nothing more than adopted beliefs from others.

Your freedom can ultimately be measured by how much energy you invest into distressing and disempowering thoughts. The more you act from them and react to them, the more they clutter the creative space within you and the less freedom you are able to access.

A shift in an emotional state sometimes does not come from a change of external circumstance, but from your willingness to shift your perception. Surrendering to life is a choice which is easily overlooked, but it IS a choice. You can choose differently!

You can see yourself as an enslaved victim or as a liberated creator, there is no between. You can believe that things are happening to you, or you can accept and embrace life in whatever form it shows up. Know that on some deeper level, you must have chosen this experience for you to evolve.

If you choose to shift your perception, you are activating the divine freedom that is inherently yours. You have the liberty to write whatever story you wish to write on your journey of creating life consciously.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” – Albert Camus

Rolf Krahnert. ConsciousLiving Coach - Mentor for Awakening and Transformation.

Rolf Krahnert, born 1958, is an Author, Mentor, accredited Counsellor, former Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer.

His work is based on his own 40 plus years of experience in holistic health, healthy lifestyle and personal transformation and his deep access to spiritual development. His mission and vision is to remind people that they inherently have all the abilities to achieve desired changes in their lives. 

Love and Light

Rolf Krahnert